Reward Group was founded in 1994, is a collection of daily chemicals, dairy, tourism, real estate, mining, import and export of high-tech enterprise groups, is the key enterprises in Beijing, capital of Civilization Unit. Reward Group pursues a "people-oriented" corporate culture focus on the introduction and training of personnel, stressing that "to attract talent, nurture talent, with good talent, developing talent" talent, follow trust, restraint, growth, confidence is a prerequisite, the constraint is to protect , growth is the destination of employment mechanism, strive to create a learning Science and Technology Industrial Group.


Reward Group always human resources strategy as an important part of enterprise development, convinced that the best people are excellent business infrastructure, promoting human resource trilogy, namely:

SelectionTo Germany for the first, only for the last;
ServantSurvival of the fittest, to be able to employment, find talent, Understand use, utilized, can make the best use, capable, the levels were so, commonplace;
EducationIn the repair outside the meeting to the need Yucai, everyone trained, all training people; provide adequate display their talent on the big stage for all kinds of talents.

Group was established decades in the enterprise for all kinds of talents to create the dedication, fair competition, respect for knowledge and talent good atmosphere. In Luowa, many ordinary people in the ordinary job, be able to do and do their job, everyone can be respected by others, their value is recognized, If you want to continually improve yourselves, as always talent, you will be excellent Reward staff, because each person has their own dreams excellent Reward staff , and this dream must and Petrova create the world famous goals together.

Reward Group welcome all kinds of personnel came to realize their dream of a successful career!

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