洛娃(luowa) - "Reward" transliteration, Chinese means "return", which is the Reward Group's corporate mission and is the common aspiration of REWARD staffs.

The favor of a drop of water has been rewarded with the gratitude of a fountain of water. Group "Reward" name, its purpose is to always remind myself to return country. Thus, the "industry serves the country" has become the company's mission. Reward Group received help and support of all sectors of society in the development process, My deep gratitude is extend to you on behalf of all my colleagues of the Group .

From the start at the beginning of 1994, Reward group passed quickly and brilliant development course in the tide of market economy, forge ahead, fight all the way wind and rain. Nowadays the group had been developed as diversified and high-tech company with three industries of home care chemical, dairy and real estate from single home care cheimcal company . Protection of the environment for the benefit of society is our eternal pursuit; With pioneering and innovation spirit, REWARD will be directed toward the sustainable and international road. "Life expectation is measured by time. Life value is judged by contributions," Inspired by this maxim, the progress pace of REWARD has never slowed!

In future, REWARD has more work to do. Facing with an fierce competitive market enviromnent, there are opportunities and challenges, difficulties and development. REWARD will seize opportunities and meet challenges to accerate development and breakthrogh new splendor with aggressive and stable team; relaying on innovation mechanism; relying on the correct leadership of the Party and the government;relying on support and help of freinds. REWARD will contribute to the development of society, the prosperity of a country.!

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